Aerospace Robotics Competition

Aerospace Robotics Competition is a competitive program designed to teach high school students about aerospace engineering principles through designing, building, programming, and flying UAVs. The competition is structured as a combination of technical communication, student piloted flight, and autonomous flight through which students learn team leadership, hands-on vehicle design and and manufacturing, autonomous programming, and execution of design of experiments. With a multi-tiered mentor structure, students work with aerospace university students as well as industry professionals to be supported through the competition challenges and grow their network.

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The competition will prepare high school students who are interested in aerospace engineering with relevant experiences:


First hand experience developing autonomous systems with the help of mentors and guided tutorials

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Hands-on experience maintaining and operating a autonomous system within a controlled environment

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Working together to design, build, and operate an autonomous system

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The 2019/2020 Competition will consist of two regional competitions: One in California and one in Florida. Please select the region of your competition:

Florida California