Current Competition

The location of the 2019/2020 Competition is Little Rock High School (10833 E Avenue R, Littlerock, CA 93543). The schedule of the competition can be found here: Schedule

The competition challenges are as follows:

  1. Autonomous Flight:

    Vehicles autonomously fly to waypoints to autonomously complete a task at each waypoint, either loiter or deliver a golf ball payload. Teams will be judged based on the amount of time in which the complete the challenge and the vehicle’s accuracy at each waypoint.

  2. Semi-Autonomous Flight:

    Students pilot their vehicles in head-to-head against other teams to deliver tennis balls into hoops to score points. Teams are required to design a mechansim that can both grab, carry, and release tennis balls reliably.

  3. Technical Communication:

    Each team presents their vehicle and the details of the design choices. Teams are judged based on their presentation style as well as their design research, problem solving approach and vehicle testing.

This year, we will be providing kits to teams as part of the competition. Teams will have the option to purchase a kit that will provide all the parts necessary to build a functioning drone. Teams will NOT be required to purchase a kit from us. More details will be released soon.

The cost to participate in the competition will be dependent on whether teams decide to purchase a kit. Click here for more information.

The Rule Book contains more details concerning the competition challenges and the vehicle requirements. The team details that will be required for the application are in Appendix C of the Rule Book; the online application will be posted to the website on August 23th.

Download Rulebook Download Financial Plan